Implant Dentistry

Implant is any structure that is inserted into a biological system
Dental Implants replace the root of a tooth in an area where the tooth is lost
Dental Implants have revolutionized tooth replacement in dentistry
Dental Implants were initially manufactured from Titanium, which has the property of fusing to the bone through a process called "Osseointegration"
Crowns are provided over the implants once the healing process is complete.
Implants are used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire arch
Crowns can be provided on implants, immediately after implant placement, or after a gap of at least 8 weeks. That decision lies with the dentist, based on clinical, radiographic, and CBCT scan derivations
Implant-supported complete dentures have made life more comfortable for denture wearers
"All On Four" is a novel concept, In which 4-6 dental implants are placed in a dental arch, and a completely fixed restoration can be provided for the entire arch
In patients with completely resorbed jaw bone, zygoma implants provide better anchorage.
Implant placement is a surgical procedure, that requires expertise in execution and knowledge regarding anatomical considerations through radio graphic and CBCT scan analysis
Precisely planned, and meticulously executed implant placement procedure is completely safe and easy with minimal inconveniences