Pediatric Dentistry

This is a specialized branch of dentistry dealing with children, their management, complaint, and treatment
Treating children is a bit complex, because of their smaller mouth openings, their sense of fear and anxiety, which is justified
Hence preventing dental disease in children is of paramount importance than treating them
Children should be refrained from eating too many chocolates, pastries, and junk food, which is not good both for their physical and dental health
The habit of brushing twice daily should be inculcated in them very early in life
Adverse habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting should be dealt with very early in life
Care should be given to ensure that milk or any food items do not remain on teeth after consumption, because they can cause potential dental damages
Children are provided with 20 teeth in their primary dentition which progresses to 32 teeth in the permanent dentition
Maintaining the 20 primary teeth is of utmost importance for the healthy development of jaw bone and permanent dentition
Pit and fissure sealants can be applied on teeth to minimize their vulnerability to dental caries
Cavities have to be filled up early
Cavities that become painful have to be root canal treated and restored with crowns
Painless injections make all treatments completely pain free
Smaller size of the teeth and softer bone help in treatment prognosis
Extraction of primary teeth should be avoided and if done,the space has to be preserved with space maintainers
Exfoliating teeth and erupting teeth have to be keenly observed
Treating a child’s tooth is easy but managing the child's psychology provides the challenge
Obtaining the child's trust,maintaining a positive relationship and clear communication with the parents go a long way in successful paedodontic treatments