Surgical Dentistry


  • Extraction is indicated when a tooth is infected beyond a reparative stage or has lost it’s bone support extensively
  • Extraction, under proper local anesthesia,done precisely with proper instruments and technique, is a simple out-patient procedure


Curettage is done to remove granulation tissue breath the gums, caused due to food stagnation and bacterial influx

Periapical surgery

PAS is done in teeth in which cysts or pathology happens around the root of the tooth, mostly due to trauma or long-standing, neglected infected tooth


  • Impaction surgery is the surgical removal of teeth that have not erupted completely in the oral cavity
  • Impaction is a common phenomenon and mostly happens in the lower third molars commonly called wisdom teeth
  • Atraumatically performed impaction surgery is a minimally invasive procedure requiring rest for a day or two

Implant Surgery

  • Implant is a titanium or ceramic prosthesis that is placed into the bone of a patient to replace missing teeth
  • Well-executed implant surgery is like a dental extraction procedure

Orthognathic Surgery

  • This is an inpatient procedure requiring hospitalization
  • It is done to correct severely malformed upper/lower jaw to produce pleasing appearances and smile

Soft tissue and oncology surgery

  • Certain swellings in lips or cheek may require simple surgical excisions
  • Oral cancer is highly prevalent these days, and it requires complete evaluation and hospitalization to get the surgery done