Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontics relates to the correction of malalignments in teeth and jaw bone
Orthodontic treatment is a journey that requires patience, trust and perseverance
Orthodontics ensure healthy smiles and pleasing profiles, and the best result is obtained when treatment is initiated very early in the primary or mixed dentition stage
Adult orthodontics is very common and age is not a hindrance to undergoing orthodontic treatment
The various orthodontic appliances are
Removable Appliance
  • These are used to correct very minor issue and has to be used early in life before bone fully hardens
  • These are also used as retainers at the culmination of fixed orthodontic therapy



Habit Breaking Appliance

These are provided to cease negative habits like thumb sucking, lip biting, tongue thrusting, which have the potential to disturb the bone and tooth architecture

Functional appliance
  • These are provided during the growth stage when the discrepancy between the two jaws is significant
  • They ensure a healthy and natural alignment of the bone along with its supporting structures
Fixed Appliance
  • These are commonly referred to as clips or braces
  • Fixed appliances are the most common and very effective in producing changes to the dentition
  • They have various components and the brackets are available in stainless steel and ceramic
  • Fixed orthodontic therapy is a slow but sure process, necessitating tooth removal at times, effecting a pleasing and permanent change in appearance and occlusion
  • Retainers are provided after orthodontic therapy to maintain the newly moved teeth in their new position till bone forms around them completely
  • Retainers may be removable or fixed and their type and duration will be decided depending on various parameters
  • Aligners are the latest concept in orthodontics
  • They can be used in mild to moderate cases
  • They comprise a set of trays effecting minor movements